Our Products

The term Black Screen was actually created by our customers.  They would say, “Give me more of those black screens they just work better.”, and the name stuck.  The black color of our screens is now a trademark of Continental Wire Cloth. 

Continental’s innovative CRX screens are designed for extended longevity and increased flow while maximizing conductance.  Our cut points are on the high end of the API scale, which means more particle removal.  We use three layers of mesh on all our CRX screens.  Our high grade steel frames are fabricated and welded to exact specifications.  And our specialized adhesion process gives our product its advantage in durability.  This translates into cleaner mud, increased productivity, and a better value for you.

Even the simple gasket has been enhanced across all product lines.  And our newly formulated, high temperature adhesive is designed for tough, harsh environments.  Created and tested by independent chemist, this new adhesive offers superior hold for locking down rubber gaskets.  With excellent shear-strength, and increased surface area, this new adhesive is representative of our ongoing quest for durability.

Talk with our skilled sales and engineering staff today.  They can assist you with the most suitable screen for your specific shaker needs, assuring a high-quality product at an extremely competitive price.